Twitch Stream Key OBS: How to stream on twitch pc

twitch stream key obs

In this blog post, I will tell you how to get twitch stream key OBS and so you can also learn how to stream on twitch pc. OBS ( open broadcaster software ) is an amazing live streaming and screen recording software available out there for free with no hidden charges, along with its source … Read more

Best OBS Settings for twitch 2019

best obs setting for twitch

Today, you will learn all about the best obs setting for twitch 2019 . OBS ( Open broadcaster software ), is an amazing software for live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other popular social media and live streaming platforms. If you are familiar with live streaming on Twitch, you might already be … Read more

OBS Review: Unbiased Open Broadcast software good and bad

unbiased obs review

Today with this article i am going to give an unbiased obs review. OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) is an amazing free and open-source software for desktop recording, game recording, webcam recording as well as live streaming. It is generally recognized as OBS Studio. OBS was first developed by Hugh Bailey, but since it is open-source software, … Read more

OBS Tutorial for Beginners

best obs tutorials for beginners

Getting a good quality live streaming is very important for you as well as your viewers.If you are stilling thinking about how to get and give the best streaming experience the let me introduce you all the OBS Studio. It the best live streaming software ever made. Open Broadcasting Software is really kind of god … Read more