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Today you will learn about all the obs alternative. Open Broadcaster Software, also known as OBS or OBS Studio (since OBS Classic is no longer being developed), is the most popular and powerful free and open-source video recording and live streaming software available for all the major desktop operating systems.

such as Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

OBS can easily compete with the largest paid alternatives in terms of features and adaptability, making it everyone’s favorite live streaming software with its source code easily available to anyone.

However, using OBS can be very tough, and for beginners, they might even have to spend their entire day to try setting things up for a simple screen recording.

Also, due to its amazing features, different low-end devices mayn’t be compatible to run the software, which is a huge problem for several people.

So, to help you find out the perfect alternative to Open Broadcaster Software, we will be letting you know some of the best alternatives to the software available out there.


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XSplit is the best alternative to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and is also the Gold Sponsor for OBS Project.

XSplit is a premium software package developed for screencasting, gamecasting and live streaming which helps you to produce professional video assets and deliver to your viewers.

There are three different softwares in the XSplit software package which includes XSplit Broadcaster, XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit VCam.

Among the three softwares, XSplit Broadcaster can be considered as the best alternative to OBS Studio as it allows you to develop amazing video contents with professional features in the best quality possible.

XSplit Broadcaster offers the ability to create different scenes and sources depending upon your requirements as there is no limit for how many scenes and sources you can add.

As a result, you will be able to create a totally professional broadcast for your viewers.

The amazing projector mode available in XSplit Broadcaster helps you to cast different scenes of the software in any devices which are connected with your PC’s GPU.

Also, if you are a live stream commentator, you can offer the perfect live stream analysis including illustrations with the help of the amazing Whiteboard and Stream Annotations features offered by XSplit Broadcaster.

However, there are two major downsides of XSplit Broadcaster, but these downsides don’t matter if you are already into the video content creation industry as a professional.

The first downside is that it is a paid product (a free version is available with a lot of restrictions), and the second one is that it may be difficult to use for beginners due to its complex configuration options.

If you are thinking about trying out XSplit Broadcaster for trial purposes, you can go for the free version as it can fulfill all your requirements for a high quality broadcast.

However, with a free version of the software, you won’t be able to use your broadcasts for commercial purposes.

Along with that, the free version of the software would place a watermark on your live streams if you want to use a resolution higher than 720p or FPS greater than 30 frames per second.


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Wirecast is another great alternative to OBS Studio, which helps you to broadcast live to your viewers in a professional way similar to a television studio.

You can produce great quality videos using Wirecast, and if you are thinking about creating live streams, webinars, webcasts, sports broadcasts, live training sessions.

Then Wirecast is certainly the best software available for you as it allows your viewers to catch the action instantly without any delay in the broadcast.

Wirecast is a premium software like XSplit Broadcaster, however there is a trial version available with which you can try Wirecast for free for the first 30 days.

Similar to XSplit, Wirecast also allows you to create unlimited sources for your videos and streams. Along with that, you can use a lot of different devices as sources for your videos such as IP cameras, webcams, microphones, cameras, etc.

There is a free camera app from Wirecast available for iOS devices which can also be used as a source for producing professional-looking videos.

There are more than five hundred thousand media assets available in Wirecast featuring several backgrounds, lower thirds, videos and music which are provided when you have the active support subscription of Wirecast.

The software also features the ability to combine 8 different audio tracks as well as process them and add different filters.

The multi-channel audio ingesting feature of Wirecast comes with the support for devices which support ASIO, CoreAudio and WASAPI.

With Wirecast, you can stream your videos to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. as well as any other live streaming platforms if you have the RTMP Server URL.

The amazing Twitter comment curating feature along with the visibility of Facebook and Twitter comments in your live stream help you to interact with your viewers without having to browse to the platforms from a different device.

You can not only create live streams, but also record outstanding videos in MP4 and MOV formats helping you to edit your videos later with other video editing softwares.


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If you are looking for the best free alternative to OBS, then CamStudio comes into the play for you.

CamStudio is an amazing screen recording software which allows you to create outstanding video files in AVI formats with its SWF Producer.

You mayn’t be able to broadcast live for your viewers with CamStudio, but for screen recording, you won’t find any other free and open-source software alternative to OBS than CamStudio.

CamStudio allows you to create different kind of videos such as demonstration videos, tutorials, product reviews, etc.

A good thing about CamStudio which you can’t find in other softwares mentioned above is that it is highly lightweight and doesn’t consume much amount of your computer memory while it is performing its work.

The amazing picture-in-picture feature, which is also known as PiP in the video content creation industry, available in CamStudio allows you to insert real-time videos from video capture devices like webcams in your screen recordings.

CamStudio lets you use your own mouse cursors for your screen recordings created with the software, and also offers the ability to record any section of your screen, rather than just the entire screen.

All of these things can be done in less than a minute with CamStudio, which can take a lot of time in softwares like OBS Studio, Wirecast or XSplit Broadcaster due to their complex configuration options.

Not only that, but CamStudio also offers the ability to add anti-aliased screen captions in high quality formats for your recordings in just a matter of seconds with its easy-to-use user interface. CamStudio features the unique Lossless Codec for video encodings to produce high quality videos without consuming much storage capacity of your hard drive.

In terms of video encoding ability, this amazing Lossless Codec of CamStudio can easily defeat the Microsoft’s own, Microsoft Video 1 codec.

You can easily modify the quality of your screen recordings so that you can produce videos in both high quality and medium/low qualities depending upon the purpose of recording the video.

Unlike other softwares mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about anything as you have nothing to lose by using this amazing free and open-source as well as lightweight screen recording software.


Throughout the end of this article, you might be wondering why we didn’t mention any of the free live streaming alternatives to the legendary Open Broadcaster Software.

What if we told you that there’s no free software that offers an amazing live streaming feature similar to OBS Studio? Yes, it is true.

In fact, the developers don’t even build any free software for live streaming purposes. If you really require a free alternative to OBS for live streaming, then you can go for the in-built live streaming feature of Facebook, YouTube or YouNow, which are highly limited and won’t allow you to do most of the things you can do with OBS Studio.

There are several other free softwares available for screen recording purposes such as Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder, ShareX, recordMyDesktop, etc.

which can be the good alternatives to CamStudio as well.

Also, if you are looking for offering professional level broadcasts for your viewers, then there is no certain recommendation on which one to use among Wirecast and XSplit Broadcaster as both of the softwares are amazing and offer great features.

If you think we have missed any software in our review, you can let us know in the comments. In case you are facing any issues while setting up any of the above softwares.

then you may feel free to write down about your problem in the comments so that we can provide the best solution for you.

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