Obs Compressor Tutorial For Beginners

With this obs compressor tutorial you will exactly learn how to compress your audio and then have a very good sound when you record via Open Broadcast software

What is OBS compressor?

Obs compression is a process of compressing the audio in an OBS software so that the dynamic range between the highest and the lowest level of sound is minimized and hence the sound quality becomes good.

Why Obs Compressor?

The obs compressor is used to make the track in your audio or in your songs so that it sounds very natural and subtle, making it more pleasing.

In a short compressor is most useful coz of lowers your sound level if it’s high when its not expected mainly this happens when you do the recording by mic or earphone.

Components in OBS compressor:

Ratio: when your audio signal crosses some benchmark point you need to compress that and that compressing value or level is called ratio in OBS compressor.

Threshold: Threshold value in the compressor is the highest value point for an audio signal to reach.

Attack: the time that is required for an audio signal to be compressed fully is called attack time in compression.

Release: release time is the time that takes to comes  audio signal from the compressed state back to the original state

In a normal language its an opposite of the attack time.

Output Gain: we can use the output gain to make up for the loss or the reduction in a signal done by the compressor.

obs compressor terms

Refer to this video :

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