OBS Tutorial for Beginners

Getting a good quality live streaming is very important for you as well as your viewers.If you are stilling thinking about how to get and give the best streaming experience the let me introduce you all the OBS Studio. It the best live streaming software ever made. Open Broadcasting Software is really kind of god of all the streaming softwares. If you are new to this then don’t just freak out I am here I will tell you the basic and also some advanced features of OBS.

So how do the OBS works? Before starting the streaming in any platform from your device there must be some link or an encrypted key which allow us to do the live streaming in the desired platform. Mostly OBS Studio is used by professional gamers for streaming.

You can simply download the software from the official site. Downloading and using the software is worth it. Talking about the security the software is really amazing. It is very easy to use if you see or read any of the post about the OBS tutorial as in this post.

OBS Tutorial For Beginners: How to set the upstream key on OBS

The process of setting stream key on OBS of every platform is and same. But for obtaining the stream key from streaming sites vary. Though OBS Studio supports wide range I Will be covering Twitch, Youtube and Facebook for this article.

From all the sites you need to either generate or can directly be obtained after logging in to your desired account from which you want to stream. Then you need to login to your account after you log in to your account move to the streaming section. The OBS is secured so you do not need to be worried about your login details.

Twitch Tutorial

OBS Tutorial for Beginners 1

Source :windowscentral

  1. Login to your twitch.tv account.
  2. Click on your Profile at the top right of the webpage.
  3. Open dashboard.
  4. click channel under the settings on the left menu.
  5. Click the stream key.
  6. Click on show stream key.
  7. Copy the key.

YouTube live OBS Tutorial For Beginners

OBS Tutorial for Beginners 2
  1. Login to your account at youtube.com
  2. Click on your avatar.
  3. Click on Creator Studio.
  4. Tap on Live Streaming.
  5. Scroll Down Until you see Stream name/key.
  6. Click On Revel and Copy the key.

Facebook Tutorial to go live

  • Login to your account at facebook.com
  • Click on the home.
  • Click more icon bellow update status.
  • Click the live now button and open connect.
  • Copy the Stream Key Given.

The process of giving connection to the OBS is same it don’t differ which streaming service you are using. For all the streaming sites this is useful and applicable how you insert it on the obs to make a connection between the internet and the software.

  1. Click settings in the main window.
  2. Select the stream tab from the menu.
  3. In the service, drop-down box choose either Twitch, YouTube, Facebook
  4. Paste your stream key into the box labeled as such.
  5. Click apply.
OBS Tutorial for Beginners 3

Now you OBS is connected to the desire streaming platform and you are applicable of streaming on your own. Be Sure not to give the Stream Key to anyone because it might let anyone to go live on your YouTube Channel at any time. It will be more secured if you regenerate the stream key or the encrypted code after every successful stream.

Tutorial on : How to set up audio in OBS For Beginners

We all know that video without proper audio and audio without proper video is really useless. So for keeping your supporters and viewers engaged you need a great audio. If is really amazing if you have a microphone if not you can use your mobile phone as Mic using Wow mic service to make audio quality better.

Setting up audio in OBS Studio is really easy because everything comes in the same place at the same tab or screen. But I personally recommend you not to change any setting from the core until you are professional.

  1. Go to Settings from the top header .
  2. Click on Audio.

I recommend you to control the music or the audio from the Mixer option from the front screen of the software. Where you can select between Desktop Audio and Microphone Audio. You can also change the Input Audio Device from the small gear icon in the right side of Mixer Section. You can also control the level of volume from the software in the real time.

OBS Tutorial for Beginners 4

How to add PC game capture to OBS
If you are planning of streaming PC Games from OBS Studio then. The software automatically detects the game from your computer. But you need to make sure that the game is running else you will be getting a black screen as an output. Also, be sure to add sources by clicking on the Plus Icon.

  1. Click on + icon.
  2. Select Game Capture.
  3. Choose your required resolution.
  4. Click on Ok.

How to Fix the Black Screen While Game Capture step by step

If you are getting black screen output even after opening the game in the background then try playing the game in windowed mode. Due to unwanted resolution changes the black screen might occur which can be fixed easily. You can also use the alternative of Game Capture which is Windows Capture.

How to Add Webcam to OBS

There are basically two types of the stream here you want to express your yourselves called facecam streaming and another is where you do not want to show yourself. If you have a good looking webcam then it’s really good thought of adding webcam in OBS.

OBS Tutorial for Beginners 5


  1. Click on + Icon on the Source Tab.
  2. Chose Video Capture Device
  3. Select your desire Webcam.
  4. Resize the Webcam Height and Width accordingly.
  5. Click on OK.

If you’re getting error regarding the webcam then please update your webcam driver from the Device Manager. Also be sure that other app or software in your device isn’t using camera at the meantime you are adding Camera Source in OBS Studio.

How to add Screen Overlay on OBS

Screen Overlay are those graphical objects or images that can be added on the screen which recording or live streaming the video. Overlays can be added in two ways by URL files or directly from the internet and from the local files of local drive on our computer. Here i will showing example by adding screen overlay of webcam in OBS.

  1. Click on Plus / + Icon.
  2. Chose browser source if you want to add it from internet else chose Image or Media Source.
  3. Enter the URL or Browse the Location of the Overlays.
  4. Chose the desired resolutions and hit OK.
  5. Adjust the size of the Overlay.
OBS Tutorial for Beginners 6

Source: Windows Central

If you have a slow internet connection then be sure to use image as overlays on OBS Studios rather then Video Materials.

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